Combine-X fabric expansion joint with insulation

2.553,6x1.532,8mm (105.5x60.3") Combine-X unit for gas turbine systems

fabric expansion joint with insulationOn request from a customer, EagleBurgmann KE has developed an insulation design for our Combine-X gas turbine exhaust expansion joint units. The customer needed a one-stop-solution, enabling easy and quick installation. The insulation for flange and frame is an exact fit to each individual expansion joint unit, is easy to install and remove for inspection of the expansion joint and ensures the right fit - also during operation.

2.553,6x1.532,8mm (105.5x60.3") Combine-X unit including bolster, pulse breaker, steel parts & insulation

Media: Flue gas
Temperature: 746 °C (1,375 °F)
Pressure: 0.059 bar (0.85 psi)

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